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Seema A. Gupta, MD

Contact Lens Fittings

A contact lens fitting is typically done with Dr. Gupta. This fitting includes:

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Refraction Services (for Glasses Prescription)

Glasses and Contact Lens Prescription Services A refraction is the process of determining your best corrected vision for eyeglasses. It is an essential part of an eye examination and is necessary in order to write a prescription for glasses. A refraction is NOT required at every visit, and it is only performed at the patient's request on the day of visit.

A refraction is NOT covered by Medicare or most insurance plans. It is considered a “vision” service, not a “medical” service. Our fee for the refraction is $65.00. We will not file the charges for a refraction with a health insurance plan. You will be responsible for paying the $65 fee at the time of service in addition to any copayment, coinsurance, or deductible your insurance plan may require.


Dr. Frank is proud of his reputation as a leading Rockville LASIK surgeon. In order to deliver the best possible results, he performs highly customized treatments that take into account each patient’s medical history, specific refractive errors, and vision correction preferences. As a result, Dr. Frank is able to consistently deliver outstanding results for his LASIK Gaithersburg / Rockville patients.

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Other Eye Conditions

Dr. Frank and Dr. Gupta see and treat a variety of eye conditions. To view a non-comprehensive list of the conditions we can treat and read more about them, please click here.